About Me

Having been a photographer for more years than I care to remember, it’s only in the past 12 months I have found a love of woodland and landscape photography. I am a bit of a hybrid photographer as I love to shoot both film and digital.

When I’m not making handmade leather camera straps, you’ll more than likely find me out and about at a car meeting, admiring and shooting classic cars or in a woodland area with a camera in hand (or more likely on a tripod)!

I prefer to my gear set up pretty simple

Nikon Z6
Nikon 14-30 F4s
Nikon 24-70 F4s

Leica M10-P (digital)
Leica M6 (film)
Summicron 35mm F2
Summicron 40mm F2
Summicron 50mm F2

Manfrotto 290XL Tripod
NiSi Filter System