Day 01

Day 01 | 365 I've been thinking for a while now about a 365, and feeling recently like my photography is in a rut and not particularly creative or very inspiring I'm going to take the plunge and see if I can get a 365 up and running.

I'm certainly not under estimating the task ahead. I don't live a wildly exciting life, I don't travel extensively, so my 365 will be very much about recording the every day around me and a journey of trying to work out what my photography is all about.

It maybe that I resort to photographing everyday and uploading here every few days, I'm not sure yet how I'm going to work that one - I'm not going to pressurise myself to get a photo on the website on the day, for me the process of taking the photo on the day is the most important thing and learning to grow my photography skills and find my path accordingly. Wish me luck, I think I may well need it!