My 365 - Week 2 Review

Sometimes the best laid plans.... I've had a couple of days like that this week, and it's only week 2! Either the weather or work or something in between has managed to get in the way and scupper what I had in mind for a photograph on a specific day, but the good news is I have managed to make a photograph each day - and upload it too. Sometimes something just comes to you, other times you're simply looking for inspiration or just desperate. I also have a uniformity I want to shoot in terms of processing and having published one colour photograph, almost immediately regretted it as I much prefer black and white. I'm not saying the photograph was better in one sense or another, just that I prefer to shoot for black and white. I think I may even look at shooting blocks of times in one format or another. Maybe one month black and white, another colour and so on. I'll just keep thinking about the options on that one and see how I feel.

I feel quite inspired in terms of wanting to keep at it. Two weeks in, that must be a good sign! Here's a recap of week two's photographs.