My 365 - Week 1 Review

So this week I started my project 365.  That's taking a photograph every day for 365 days of my life and life around me.  It's been a little bit under the radar this week as I'm really not sure how far I will get with it or indeed how interesting it will really prove to be. The principles for me of undertaking a 365 project are many -

1. To actively take a photograph each day. Physically make myself take an image I have to post to my 365. This makes me look and think outside my normal boundaries.

2. To help me establish a style I am comfortable with. I take lots of photographs, few of which I am ever very happy with. Some of this is down to composition, some down to editing, some down to the fact I just take photos for the sake of it. I have an idea in my head of what I believe is of interest to me style wise, I just need to understand and realise it is what it is.

3. To be comfortable with my camera in hand. There are occasions when I have my camera with me, but the inspiration or interest frankly leaves me. I aim to use the 365 to force myself to be comfortable having and using my camera with me almost all of the time.

4. Other factors to consider are becoming a better photographer. Great photographers use their camera gear a lot, like everyday a lot. I want to become better at what I do, understand the reasons why I take the photographs I take and learn to see the photograph I want to take.

I'm not going to be precious about my 365 project, I will try to upload each day but the main objective is to take a photograph each day, so if I end up uploading 3 or 4 days worth at some points, I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it. I am preparing to make mistakes, have crap days and take photographs that I just have to take for the sake of keeping my personal 365 going. I understand those points, whereas in the past when I've tried to do one I don't think I have.

The exercise is to learn from the experience, not beat myself up to the extent I give up which has happened when I've tried one before!  I'm also going to try and actually allocate a little time to it each day too. OK, so that's not simple to do but I think if I plan it into the day, then it's more likely to happen.

If you're interested you can keep up to date with my daily updates here, where I am keeping my 365 separate from the rest of the site, but I am going to try and keep a running weekly review going simply to post each weeks photos in one go and perhaps talk through any issues I'm having with the project.

So without further ado, here's week 1's photos!